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Table Upload tool

geeup's tabup command simplifies the process of batch uploading tables, shapefiles, and CSV files to Google Earth Engine. This versatile tool uses a modified version of the image upload and acts as a wrapper around the earthengine upload CLI, ensuring a seamless experience for users. It can create folders if they don't exist and provides asset reporting while checking on uploads.

Key Features

  • Batch Upload: Easily upload multiple tables, shapefiles, or CSV files to Google Earth Engine in a single operation, saving you time and effort.

  • Folder Creation: geeup's tabup command can automatically create folders if they do not exist at the specified destination.

  • Asset Reporting: Get detailed reports on the status of your assets during the upload process, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Cookie Authentication: For added convenience, this tool supports cookie-based authentication, temporarily saving and automatically using your browser's cookies until they expire. For more details on cookie setup, visit cookie setup guide.


geeup tabup -h

usage: geeup tabup [-h] --source SOURCE --dest DEST [-u USER] [--x X] [--y Y] [--overwrite OVERWRITE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Required named arguments:
  --source SOURCE       Path to the directory with zipped files or CSV files for upload.
  --dest DEST           Destination. Full path for upload to Google Earth Engine folder, e.g., users/pinkiepie/myfolder
  -u USER, --user USER  Google account name (Gmail address).

Optional named arguments:
  --x X                 Column with longitude value.
  --y Y                 Column with latitude value.
  --overwrite OVERWRITE Default is No, but you can pass yes or y to overwrite existing data.


Here's an example of how to set up and use the tabup command with geeup:

geeup Table Upload Example

If you are using cookies for table upload, the setup would be as follows:

geeup tabup --source "full path to folder with Zipped Shapefiles/CSV files" --dest "Full path for upload to Google Earth Engine, e.g., users/pinkiepie/folder" --user "[email protected] authenticated and used with GEE"

Last update: 2023-09-28
Created: 2021-04-11