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Cookie Setup tool

The cookie_setup tool utilizes a third-party Chrome extension called Copy Cookies. This extension simplifies the process of copying cookies and is not directly related to the geeup project. Please note that geeup does not provide support or warranty for the extension.

Here's how to set up your cookies for Earth Engine uploads:

  1. Install the Chrome Extension: Install the Copy Cookies extension in your Chrome browser.

  2. Copy Cookies: After logging into, use the extension to copy the necessary cookies. The extension will capture the required cookies for Earth Engine.


To run the cookie_setup method and parse and save cookies, use the following command:

geeup cookie_setup

Important Notes

  • Use a Fresh Browser Window: While copying cookies, open a new browser window (not incognito mode) to ensure all necessary cookies are loaded.

  • Clear Cookies: If your upload fails with an "Unable to read" error, clear your cookies and copy them again from in a fresh browser instance.

  • Save Cookies for the Same Account: Ensure you save the cookies for the same Earth Engine account you initialized using earthengine authenticate.

Bash Users

For Bash users, note that the canonical mode limits pasting to 4095 characters. Currently the tool is designed to disable this setting but if you encounter issues with geeup cookie_setup, follow these steps:

  1. Disable canonical mode: Type stty -icanon in the terminal.
  2. Run geeup cookie_setup.
  3. After completing the process, re-enable canonical mode: Type stty icanon in the terminal.

Mac Users

Mac users may need to change the default login shell from /bin/zsh to /bin/sh to ensure that the stty -icanon command works as expected. For more details, refer to Issue 41.

Please note that cookies generated using this method should theoretically work on accounts with two-factor authentication or university-based Single Sign-On (SSO) GEE accounts, but further testing may be required.

This method was added since v0.4.6 and uses a third party chrome extension to simply code all cookies. The chrome extension is simply the first one I found and is no way related to the project and as such I do not extend any support or warranty for it. Since is now the default method for all forms of upload since GEE disabled incompatible browser as such using selenium as a method was no longer viable.

The chrome extension I am using is called Copy Cookies and you can find it here

It does exactly one thing, copies cookies over and in this case we are copying over the cookies after logging into


Import things to Note

  • Open a brand browser window while you are copying cookies (do not use an incognito window as GEE does not load all cookies needed), if you have multiple GEE accounts open on the same browser the cookies being copied may create some read issues at GEE end.
  • Clear cookies and make sure you are copying cookies from in a fresh browser instance if upload fails with a Unable to read error.
  • Make sure you save the cookie for the same account which you initiliazed using earthengine authenticate

To run cookie_setup and to parse and save cookie user

geeup cookie_setup
  • For Bash the cannonical mode will allow you to only paste upto 4095 characters and as such geeup cookie_setup might seem to fail for this use the following steps

  • Disable cannonical mode by typing stty -icanon in terminal

  • Then run geeup cookie_setup
  • Once done reenable cannonical mode by typing stty icanon in terminal

For mac users change default login shell from /bin/zsh to /bin/sh, the command stty -icanon works as expected, thanks to Issue 41

Since cookies generated here are post login, theoretically it should work on accounts even with two factor auth or university based Single Sign on GEE accounts but might need further testing

Last update: 2023-09-28
Created: 2021-04-11